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Altair by sadiek Altair by sadiek
I'm super happy my machine is alive again cuz I was eager to finish up this drawing before AC2 is released on the 17th.

This drawing started as an inside joke between Liliana and moi. We were talking about how sexy Altair must be without his baggy clothes. I mean, he needs to be in such perfect shape in order to climb buildings, especially those uber tall viewpoints!

Yeah, this is my new videogame fantasy. All those girl gamers that love Assassin's Creed as me will share the same feeling I'm sure, haha. If Altair had looked like this from the very beginning, the game would've had like double the followers (for one thing, there are more women than men in the world AND don't forget the homosexual audience they count too). According to a survey, 40% of all the gamer population are women therefore they could've gotten a lot more female followers out of this percentage (and trust me, girls LOVE their videogames) so there, Ubisoft.... YOUR LOSS!!
But this off-topic....

So anyway, after said conversation was over I concluded that Altair is my new fave sexy videogame character (sorry, Leon...). In fact, I've been seriously thinking about cosplaying him for the next Anime convention in May. I'm still deciding whether to dress up as a female version of Altair (with a couple of slight changes, such as no pants and stuff like that) or as the lone wanderer from Vault 101 with the 101 Jumpsuit and a Plasma rifle (Fallout 3).

Oh btw have you ever wondered why Altair can't swim at all despite the fact that he can practically do ANYTHING else???

Think about it....

Here's Ezio too!!! :thumb144383087:

OMG SACKBOY ALTAIR!!!! :thumb146597828:
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November 16, 2009
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